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DS Spirit Award Guidelines

Posted On: Tuesday, August 06, 2013
By: digitalsportsnews


School spirit comes in many forms. But there is nothing that shows school spirit more than an entire community coming together to share how great their school is through articles that portray teams in a positive light and media that capture all of the big moments. This is why we have created the DS Spirit Awards.

The DS Spirit Awards focus on athletic directors, coaches, teachers, parents, students and athletes coming together in one place to share positive news about their school’s athletics. There is so much pride that goes in to a coach-athlete relationship and a parent-child relationship. What better way to show that pride by sharing it with your community?

The DS Spirit Award contest is simple. Post content to your DigitalSports pages and have your school recognized on a local and national scale. Do you have more spirit than any other school? Prove it!


1. Post articles, photos and videos to your school and/or team pages. Learn more about how to post content here. If you haven’t registered with DigitalSports yet, click here.

2. Content posted to your school and team sites is broken down into categories of posts (news articles), photos, videos, unique contributors (new members), and total overall content. Team and school awards will be provided in each category.

3. Gold, silver, and bronze awards will be given to the top 1%, 5% and 10% of schools/teams in each category.

4. Awards will consist of a medal badge posted on school/team pages. Badges will also be sent to school athletic director.


Keep track of your school or team page’s progress by checking out the DS Spirit Leaderboards here!

Please email cdecker@digitalsports.com if you have any questions.

Now, start sharing your school spirit today!



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